"Today. Tonight. Tomorrow. Forever.”(insp)

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Mara: [speech unclear]

Mr. ____: Did she just say our names? Did she just say—


Mr. ____: Oh, God—

[End video examination, 2:21 p.m.]


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The Mara Dyer Trilogy by Michelle Hodkin

Mr. ____: Oh, God—
[End video examination, 2:21 p.m.]

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My fingers caught on something else as I withdrew them. It was his T-shirt, the white one with the holes in it. I filled my hands with the fabric and brought it up to my face. I caught the barest, faintest scent of him, soap and sandalwood and smoke, and in that moment, I felt not loss but need. Noah was there for me when I had no one else. He believed me when no one else did. He could not be gone, I thought, but my throat began to hurt and my chest began to tighten and I curled up in bed, knees to chest, head to knees, waiting for tears that never came and sleep that did.

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Anonymous said: Hi, can you put the links to the teasers in order? (From the first to the most recent one) I'm really confused!!

this lovely person has already done so! she updates it every time a new snippet is released too

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new Retribution snippet 


read it here if you haven’t yet along with the rest of the newsletter, which you should definitely sign up for.

my gut reaction to the new teaser was that it connects with the teaser she shared with us back in December (the one where Mara finds Noah’s razor). she’s digging through his bag, finds the razor, and then after looking a little more, finds the ratty tshirt she loves on him. her reaction makes it seems like she truly does not believe he’s dead (there’s a difference in wanting something to be true and believing something). does she believe it because of her faith in him, because of her lack of trust in Kells, because of something power related, or because of her dreams about Noah?

she falls asleep at the end of the snippet, so what if this is where she has the Central Park dream from October? she was just looking through his bag, and in the dream Noah pulls her grandmother’s doll out of the bag. it’s a stretch to connect the three snippets together so directly (would Michelle give us such a big chunk from one section?), but it seems like it could fit to me. she does imply in the Central Park snippet that she dreams about Noah often though, so it could be another dream and just the new and razor snippets are connected.

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noahfoshaw said: can you tell us how many chapters there will be in Retribution?


73 + the epilogue

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