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Noah Shaw |Moodboard


Noah Shaw |Moodboard

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If I lost Noah, I might just lose my mind.

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anyone else notice how Noah, Jamie, and Mara all have some kind of change in appearance?

Noah mentions he suddenly got hot. chapter 14 of Unbecoming

“No. I was just an awkward kid. I remember being, like, twelve or thirteen and all my friends had little girlfriends. And I’d go to sleep and feel like a loser, wishing that one day I could grow up and just be fit.”
“Yeah. Fit. Hot. Anyway, I did.”
“Did what?”
“I woke up one morning, went to school, and the girls noticed me back. Rather unnerving, actually.”

Jamie has a growth spurt. chapter 34 of Unbecoming

And for the first time I could remember, his eyes were level with mine.
“Did you get taller?” I asked him.
Jamie raised his eyebrows. “Did I? Crazy hormones. Better late than never, I guess,” he said, shrugging.

and chapter 12 of Evolution

Minus the dreadlocks and taller, but definitely, unmistakably Jamie.

and Mara looks less and less like herself. chapter 46 of Unbecoming

I looked like the ghost of a stranger.
Something was happening to me.

chapter 51 of Unbecoming

“She looks so different,” my father said.

chapter 25 of Evolution

The contours of my face seemed strange. Subtly unfamiliar. My cheekbones were sharper, my lips were swollen as if I’d been kissing, my cheeks were flushed, and my hair stuck to the back of my neck like paste.

chapter 41 of Evolution

Looking at myself in the mirror was like looking at a picture of myself in the future, like I had aged a year in an hour—I was still me, but not quite the same. The curves of my cheeks seemed hollow, and my eyes looked hollow too.

according to Noah in chapter 42 of Evolution

It is subtle—so subtle that I hadn’t quite noticed it myself until she mentioned it; perhaps I’m too close. But now, the time apart throws the changes into relief and I watch her closely, so I can remember. She is still beautiful—always—but her cheekbones are more prominent. Her collarbone is diamond sharp. The softness I love is slowly being filed away by something inside or outside, I don’t know.

could this just be puberty? sure, but it’s pretty coincidental that they all physically change in some way, especially when you consider that Mara and Jamie, who are manifesting, are currently changing while Noah, who has already manifested, changed a while ago. so maybe their changes in appearances are tied to their power. as Noah learns to heal more, he looks fit and healthy. as Jamie learns to influence/control other people, he looks bigger and more imposing. as Mara learns to kill, she looks like she looks sharper and like a ghost of herself.

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“You want me as much as I want you. And all I want is you.”

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Today. Tonight. Tomorrow. Forever.

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inspired by (x)

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“… and I so badly needed to self-destruct.”

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